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A MuckBuster™ is a standalone anaerobic digester, set up to process organic waste. The MuckBuster™ converts what used to be waste, into biogas. The biogas can be used to heat water or create electricity. In addition, the MuckBuster™  unit provides you with a source of organic fertilizer ready for spraying or in ground injection using a modified seed drill.

SEaB Energy has announced a new anaerobic digester that is built inside a repurposed shipping container and can produce renewable energy from any organic material. Dubbed the MuckBuster, the device is a self-contained digester that uses animal waste, grass clippings, food waste, or stuff bound for the septic tank to generate renewable energy.

The digester uses bacteria to break down the organic materials and produce methane, a gas which can later be burned to produce electricity. The company claims that the MuckBuster can generate 2KWh of power from 100 gallons of organic waste, which is about half of what a typical home consumes.

Within four weeks of installation, your MuckBuster™ will begin creating biogas and fertilizer.


Planning permission is not currently required for the MuckBuster™. Tanglewood Organics will provide installation, maintenance  and customer support for the Muckbuster™

Government grants and funding options are available at the federal and state level, click here for further information.


Creators of the Muckbuster™