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TanglewoodSolutions: Modular and Scalable


Tanglewood Organics has partnered with leading research and engineering firms to deliver the highest quality anaerobic digestion solutions available.  Whether it is a small scale micro digester needed to accommodate your in-house food waste, a farm based system primarily designed for manure management, or a large municipal facility to handle SSOM, Tanglewood Organics has a solution for you.

Let our team of dedicated professionals develop a solution tailored to your needs.  We will generate a system that will accommodate your organic waste stream.



Small Scale Anaerobic Digester  ½ – 4 tons of organic waste per day




Tanglewood Organics is pleased and excited to announce its partnership with SEaB Energy of the UK.  The Muckbuster will become revolutionary in the small scale arena.  This unit is modular and scalable, lending itself to a variety of uses.

A MuckBuster™ is a standalone anaerobic digester, set up to process organic waste. The MuckBuster™ converts what used to be waste, into biogas. The biogas can be used to heat water or create electricity. In addition, the MuckBuster™  unit provides you with a source of organic fertilizer ready for spraying or inground injection using a modified seed drill. Learn More >

The Muckbuster



Small Farm Anaerobic Digester : As Few As 100-150 Cows

Until now, there has been a significant void of anaerobic digestion facilities, for the small farmer with 100-150 head of dairy cows.  Through a partnership with a European Engineering Design Firm, Tanglewood Organics can now provide the small dairy farm with an affordable solution,  keeping the payback between 4 and 6 years depending on certain conditions. To boost biogas production these systems are designed to accept additional organic waste streams. This system can be sized to accommodate larger farms as well.


Food Waste Anaerobic Digester Facility  
6 – 90 Tons of Organic Waste per Day

The need for recycling food waste is upon us.  Tanglewood Organics has positioned itself not only to own and operate organic recycling centers, but also to provide creative organic waste solutions to the food processing industry.  Municipalities that have a large organic waste stream can benefit from the advantages of an anaerobic digestion facility.  Or large scale modular facilities can handle as little as 6 tons per day of organic waste and can be sized to accommodate any sized waste stream.  These modular and scalable facilities are especially popular with manufacturers in the food and beverage industry that would typically dispose of their manufacturing byproduct by landfilling, or a waste to energy plant.