Environmentally Responsible

TanglewoodOur Commitment : Sustainablity

Tanglewood Organics is committed to providing sustainable solutions for organic waste  management and responsible power generation.

Organic waste has long been an under-utilized commodity, with burn plants and landfills dispatching the majority.  Tanglewood Organics is at the forefront of the organic waste revolution and is committed to providing an environmentally responsible alternative.

Through our business, we will strive to continually improve the quality of our environment.  We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions through methane reduction, avoid the need for landfilling of organic waste, and continue to improve the soils that grow our food crops.  Tanglewood Organics will continue to maintain this integral relationship with our natural environment by creating sustainable solutions that will reduce our carbon footprint.


Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Waste: The Responsible Choice

There is clearly only one method for organic waste management that will capture all of the possible environmental benefits, and that is Anaerobic Digestion.  This process diverts organic waste from landfilling and waste to energy plants (incineration), and can utilize more environmental benefits than composting.

Anaerobic digestion is the only choice that produces the best environmental impact, and is clearly sustainable.  This process produces renewable energy, as well as both liquid organic fertilizer and compost that can be 99.99% pathogen free.